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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Snow + Evening at Home = Sweater Progress

Last evening, we had yet another snowstorm. Ugh.....we had just had one on Saturday! This time, the snow was very fluffy and literally coated all the trees in a very plush "fleece". It was absolutely beautiful! The view out my front door looked like a winter wonderland. There was no wind, so the snow stacked about 2 inches high on all the branches. I was absolutely amazed at how the snow "clung" to each branch of the trees (see closeup of the branches on the right). It was absolutely beautiful!

The view out my back door was just as spectacular. Looking to the left and to the right out my back door, I was greeted by a fabulous, almost surreal view. Sadly, it didn't last long as our temperatures soared up to the mid-40's and by 10:30 am, the snow began dropping quickly from the trees....leaving the branches unadorned. Sigh.....

I had been planning to get together with friends last evening for dinner and a little knitting, but due to the snow, stayed in. I poured a small glass of wine, sat back to enjoy the evening at home, and continued working on my "Weekend Retreat Cardi". I made a lot of progress. It's nearly done! At this point, I'm about half done with the 2nd sleeve! Wahoo! The end is in sight! I should have an FO by next week!

On a side note....Tuesday's storm was only supposed to be a "dusting"...but when Tuesday arrived, the estimated snowfall kept increasing until they finally settled on an estimate of 5-6 inches. Friday, we're to have yet another storm. It's supposed to start mid-morning and continue through Saturday. They're nearly promising a minimum (yes, I said MINIMUM!) of 12 inches....and probably more likely 15-18"...with a very real possibility of 20-24 inches! Unbelievable! Absolutely unbelievable!


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