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Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Blizzard of 2010....and the Snow Continues!


The snow started at about 10 am on Friday. By the early afternoon, it was sticking to the roads and sidewalks. Let the games begin!!!!

By Friday evening, it was really starting to pile up. The snow "snuggled" against the house and formed a solid mass of snow that was just about the front threshold by 9 pm. There are two steps to get down to ground level, but you certainly couldn't tell when you looked out!

By bedtime, it was time to dig out the heat pump for the evening and give the walk a quick shoveling so the dog can make it to the yard to do her business. The snow is now up to her belly!

There's an absolutely unbelievable amount of snow around here! Several school systems have already canceled not only for Monday, but for Tuesday as well! DH is pausing for a quick break while tackling round one of shoveling. On the right, you can barely see his snow-covered SUV through our very snow-laden cherry tree.

These trees look ready to snap under the heavy weight of all the snow!

The cherry tree branches are hanging so low! I won't be getting my car out of the garage for a while - the branches are hanging way to low! Of course, with the volume of snow that we have, there's absolutely no reason to even try to get out of the garage - there's no place to go!

DH is had to hike through the hip-high snow to dig out the heat pump... again. He said to "send a search party" out for him if he's not back in 5 minutes.

Early Saturday morning - wow! What a sight! White was everywhere and the snow just wouldn't stop!

The snow has been so heavy (depth and weight) that the plow for the walking paths hasn't been seen since last evening. Normally, it goes through 2 or 3 times during an an average snow, but I think it's unable to get here and/or unable to push this volume of snow.

My poor dog....the snow is so deep! It's well over her shoulders - and she's a fairly tall dog! Poor puppy! DH had to dig out a special area for the poor doggie in the yard. We STILL haven't fully dug out the sidewalk. Thank goodness for trees and bushes because it's keeping the depth down a bit.

Doggie looks so small next to all the snow. Poor thing - she even has to stretch up to try to see if there's anything left outside besides the vast expanse of sheer whiteness!

My back deck is a solid ocean of snow. I can't believe it. It's as high as the table.....and above the bottom of the windows! The "stack" of snow on the table is well above the bottom of the umbrella.

The deck chairs are nearly buried....as is the storage bin directly behind them. It makes for a nice "shelf" of snow though!

The view out my bathroom window was also amazing. The garage roof is below the bathroom, but with the snow coming from the west and drifting, it pummeled the screen and drifted far higher than my bathroom windows.

It snowed for nearly 1 1/2 days non-stop....and it finally started to slow down late Saturday afternoon. The weather maps finally started to show wide areas of clearing - hurrah! It will take at least a few days for us to dig out. Prior to the start of the storm, they said to expect to take "shelter in place" for 3-5 days. I'm pretty certain that with the sheer volume of snow, my street (a cul-de-sac) will NOT see a plow until at least Monday. Plus, according to the news, they DEFINITELY won't get to all the streets until Monday at the EARLIEST. We're definitely in it for the long haul.

5 pm on Saturday and the snow has FINALLY stopped! Doggie can't believe it. She's still a bit confused about being "fenced in" by the snow...

The neighborhood looks like it's been sprayed with frosting or whipped cream. The tops of the trees have lost some of their "frosting" as the winds have blown quite a bit of it off.


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