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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Haekelbeutel Is Done!


Friday night, I sewed the handles onto the Haekelbeutel bag. I was a bit disappointed - it looked rather plain - actually, rather blah. I think that if I were to make this bag again, I would definitely used either variegated yarn for a bit of variety, make each round a different color, or make the the final round of each square a different color. (This project is the perfect "stash burner"!)

I decided to use a contrasting color for the edging around the top of the bag and around the handles to add a little interest. I had some lilac colored Sugar 'n Cream in my stash - just perfect for picking up the flecks of purple in the body of the bag. I'm quite pleased with the final result and I LOVE the shape. I'll definitely make this again...once I figure out a way to minimize the "weaving in" of the loose ends or at least a way to make it less painful!

Phew....with the bag completed, I now have two of my three "Ravelympics" projects complete! Just one more to go...."Labyrinth Weaving". My final project, a woven strap with a diagonal stripe, is my inaugural attempt at "finger weaving". I've managed to weave about twelve inches so far, so I'm about halfway done. I'm FINALLY starting to get the hang of finger weaving and becoming MUCH more proficient.

This project has definitely been a learning experience. I had several false starts and tear outs as I tried to master this very simple method of weaving. Ultimately, in semi-defeat, I left this "event" for last. I had originally tried weaving by attaching an end to a chair, but it was too hard to keep track of my warp and weft and it "wobbled" a little too much. I added a pencil to try to keep the yarn in line and make it easier for me to identify the threads in their proper order. The "pencil method" helped some, but not quite enough - I was still struggling with the thread line-up. I finally started using a clipboard...as had been recommended. It worked like a charm! Hopefully, I can complete this project tomorrow before the torch goes out!


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