Have Ewe Any Wool?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Ravelympics Progress!

Tuesday evening, I finally finished the 4 strips that comprise the Haukelbuetel Bag. I crocheted the squares together into four strips of four squares. The crochet joins were MUCH faster than if I'd sewn them together...however, it certainly didn't reduce the high number of loose ends to weave in! Once the strips were assembled, I crocheted them together in what forms the bottom of the bag. I'm fascinated by the assemblage instructions - the strips remind me of a pinwheel at this point.

Tonight, I finished sewing the strips together to make the body of the bag. Next, I tackled the handles. Once again, I had an ENORMOUS amount of ends to weave in. So many that my fingers are actually sore! (It probably doesn't help that it's a bit tight as I crocheted with a size "C" - a bit small for worsted weight, but it's the size that was recommended by the Crochet-a-long.) Wahoo! I should be able to finish this tomorrow night!


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