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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Knitting Karma

Last night, I was a bit bummed out as a planned knitting get-together fell through. Instead of going out for dinner and knitting with friends, I was going to be stuck at home. However, all was NOT lost. As it turns out, I had a fabulous and unexpected evening full of inspiration and entertainment.

While finishing up some work at home, I suddenly got the urge to run out to the book store...just for a moment...to see if the new "Simply Knitting" and other interesting knitting magazines had arrived from the UK. I also thought that some Vietnamese take-out sounded great for dinner. So....off I went.

At Barnes and Noble, I was met by a sign teasing me with a book signing and talk by a newly published novelist. I paused to touch the book and read the "invitation". I then continued to the back of the store to peruse the magazines. I gathered up my chosen magazines and headed back to the front. Again....I passed by the book signing sign. Again, I touched the book and wondered what it was about. I continued on to the checkout line. The gentleman ahead of me was anxiously clutching a copy of "the book". I asked if he knew what the book was about...and he said he wasn't sure. I guess I was hoping he'd provide some insight into why I was so drawn to the book. I continued through the checkout.

As I was leaving the store, I paused AGAIN at the sign advertising the book signing. Why am I so drawn to this? I've never heard of the author. I've never heard of the book. I haven't even had dinner. I only intended to be away for a few minutes! What is it about Sujatha Hampton and her book, "As It Was Written", that keeps drawing me back? I headed to my car and tossed my purchases into the back seat and quickly strode back to the bookstore.

Yet again, I paused at the sign...fondling the book once more. I decided to meander over to the book signing corner and listen...just for a moment. I was instantly captivated! The author was a very engaging and entertaining speaker. You couldn't help but be caught up in her enthusiasm! Wow! Is this what the book will be like? How awesome! I scurried off to purchase my own copy of the book and returned just in time for the reading.

Sujatha Hampton is an incredible writer! The reading she did of a section of her book captivated not only me, but the entire audience. We were all riveted to our seats. The characters and the author's personality leapt off the page with each paragraph. You felt like you were THERE! The character's accents...the intonation....the excitement - her reading was superb! I can't wait to start reading the book myself!

Sujatha spoke about her writing process and how she went from manuscript to published author. It was an inspiring and intriguing story. While listening, I spotted a knitting friend arriving to listen to the author. Sujatha noticed her as well and briefly paused in her talk to acknowledge her as a fabulous knitter and friend. (We knitters are everywhere!!!). It turns out, the two met in college - and have been fast friends ever since. What a small world!

I also had the privilege of meeting a few of the important people in Sujatha's life - her mother and two of her close friends. Her mother was very sweet as well as quite proud of her very talented daughter! Sujatha's friends were delightful to chat with - I felt like I'd known them all of my life. They felt like family! It was definitely an inspiring evening all the way around.

Of course, I had to get my book autographed - after all, it's a first edition at the first public signing for a first time author. How cool is that? AND....it turns out that not only is Sujatha a fabulous author, but she's a leftie (wahoo!!!) AND a knitter! She's even on Ravelry! I guess it was "Knitting Karma" that somehow guided me to a fabulous evening after all!

P.S. I did finally manage to tear myself away to pick up my Vietnamese take-out - a couple of hours later than originally planned!


  • At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Anne Campbell said…

    That sounds like such fun! I'm glad something good turned up to fill the hole left in your evening. Nothing like a nice new book - and meeting the author definitely adds some interest.

  • At 9:31 PM, Blogger Sujatha said…

    Well, gosh, Jinann, thank you so much for such a lovely blogpost! It was wonderful to meet you and my lifelong sister/girlfriends (their lives not mine--I actually dropped Usha on her head when she was a month old and was there when Nisha was brought home from the hospital) were so happy to meet specifically YOU. I do hope you like my book and I hope this is the beginning of a long and perhaps symbiotic friendship. I provide the literature and maybe you can teach me how to cable properly?!

  • At 9:57 PM, Blogger Jinann said…

    Sujatha - I'll be glad to teach you how to cable!

  • At 11:11 AM, Blogger Kai said…

    Wow what a wonderful way to spend an evening!! I'm off to see if I can get myself a copy of Sujatha's book. :D


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