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Monday, April 26, 2010

Spinning Progress

I've managed to get some spinning in over the past couple of weeks. It always feels good to "create" new yarn! It's very relaxing...and playing with colors is always fun!

I spun the first skein up on "Katarina", my Kromski Mazurka wheel..and yes, she's a new addition. She's very light and easily toted about. I took her with me on a visit to my DH's grandmother at the assisted living center and it created quite a splash! All of the nursing staff had to come huddle around the room to watch the spinning wheel in action - they were fascinated! I love how lightweight she is!

The roving was some brown and pink hand-dyed Corriedale that I received from a swap partner. First, I spun all the roving into a bobbin of singles. Then, I made a small skein (.2 oz) that didn't turn out well at all - I had a hard time Navajo plying as I didn't have my lazy kate with me.....so, I kept hitting "snags" and it eventually broke the thread. Oh, well....I wanted a small sample skein anyway - plus, the exercise served as a refresher. I always seem to be somewhat rusty at Navajo plying until I've practiced for a few yards!

Once home, I set up my lazy kate and got to work on my "real" skein. The final skein has 88 yds. and weighs 1.6 oz . It looks good enough to eat! (It reminds me of chocolate and strawberry ice cream - yum!!!) I'm not sure what to make with this. I need to wash the skein and determine the WPI and then figure out what to make.

The next wool to be spun on Katarina was also a couple of ounces of hand-dyed Corriedale from the same swap partner. These colors are more typical for me - purples with a bit of pink and blue. I truly enjoyed "stepping outside my box" with the brown and pink - that had been a nice change. I've just started spinning this bundle, so I don't have any finished yarn as yet. I'm not sure when I'll get back to it - hopefully soon!

On Louie, I FINALLY finished spinning the very soft natural, lavender, grey wool that I bought from Dianne (Creatively Dyed Yarn) 2 1/2 years ago at the Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival. The wool is and incredibly soft Corriedale. I originally thought it had to be either Merino or BFL as it was so soft, but according to my notes, it was Corriedale! I LOVE it and I just love the colorway!!!! My finished 2-ply skein weighed a hearty 4 oz.....with a small .1 oz skein of singles left over.

I managed to catch some great photos of the flowers in a friend's back yard. On the left is the flower of a Paw Paw tree....I'd never seen these flowers before. I love the deep, dark red of the petals. (A couple of years ago, I actually tried the Paw Paw fruit.) On the right is a gorgeous yellow flower...I can't remember what it was called. My friend has mainly wild flowers and native plants...as well as a few imports - I can't remember which category this one falls in!


  • At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Anne Campbell said…

    Your yarns are looking very good - that soft lavendar is particularly yummy. And what an elegant wheel that is!

    Thanks for the flower photos - that paw paw flower is surprisingly elegant, unlike its name.

  • At 3:14 PM, Blogger Jinann said…

    Thanks....I love the lavender yarn as well - I have about a pound of it. (I need to weigh it for the exact amount).

    I do love the wheel - I think this is the prettiest one I own.

  • At 7:44 AM, Blogger K @ Tidewater Knits said…

    Ooh, your spinning is lovely. <3 Super-cute felted bag in your last post, too. Hee.


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