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Friday, April 09, 2010

Birthday Celebrations!

Elizabeth and I had a fabulous time last Wednesday exchanging Christmas gifts (yeah...I know....a little late, eh?) and celebrating our birthdays...hers about a week late and mine a couple of months early.

We met at Minerva, a local Indian restaurant with a fabulous spread of all kinds of yummy vegetarian and non-vegetarian entrees. Mmmmmm! Great food...great company. What an enjoyable meal!

During our dinner, we exchanged presents - both Christmas and Birthday. There were so many wonderful things that I've totally forgotten which gift was for which celebration! It's sometimes difficult for us to get together for our gift exchanges, so we definitely take advantage of the opportunity when it arrives - and thus, celebrate multiple occasions in one sitting!

I was totally spoiled! She made me not one, but two shopping bags - just in time for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival that comes up next month! The multi-colored bag is done in the "love knots" pattern and the solid purple one is the standard "chained" pattern. Nothing beats a hand-crafted bag!

One of Elizabeth's latest craft endeavors is beaded ornaments. As a result, I received this gorgeous beaded Christmas ornament - I LOVE it! I can't wait till Christmas to put it up. I think I'll try to find one of those "ornament stands" so I can hang it from that and put it on my mantle.

Lots of purple goodies - some yummy purple yarns for knitting (purple sock yarn and some gorgeous purple mohair), a lovely set of 5 sock patterns, a flexible purple pencil (won't break in the project bag!), lots of chocolate - purple M&Ms, Dark Chocolate Chips, and some purple wrapped kisses, some purple shoe laces, an adorable knitting hedgehog, some purple highlighter tape, and some luscious roving in mauves and purples (the photo makes it look more red than purple).

The final gift was some hand spun purple mohair!!!! Isn't it awesome? It even came in a clear "notions bag" that will really come in handy! I have to measure the length of the yarn to see how much I have to work with - that will dictate the project.

Thanks Elizabeth!


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