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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Krumkake....and lots of it!

I'm pursuing my Cultural Skill Medal in Traditional Norwegian Cooking. There are 3 sections: Favorites, Baking and Desserts, and Meats and Main Courses. Right now, I'm concentrating on the Baking and Desserts section - mmmmm!!!! Previously, I'd made lefse. This week, at the Norwegian Cultural Center, I made Krumkake with a couple of my friends - Debbie and Kristin.

I had a lot of fun....laughing a lot at my various over-done and under-done attempts to master the finer points of making Krumkake. I personally own a stove top version of the Krumkake iron, but I think that Debbie's electric one is much easier to use.

On the left, a cooked Krumkake...ready for rolling. On the right, the rolled Krumkake still on the rolling tool.

Here's my results. I used the "Traditional Norwegian" recipe from the booklet that came with the Krumkake iron. I added a bit of almond extract for flavoring. Of course, one can add lemon, vanilla, anise, or whatever flavor you'd like. The Krumkake were quite tasty...and I loved the subtle almond flavoring!

Next, I'm going to try "Rice Cream". If anyone has a great recipe for it, please pass it along!


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