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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Birthday Goodies

This year's birthday was just as fabulous as always. I had a relaxing day (in spite of working) and spent the evening with a group of knitting friends. How perfect is that?

DH and I decided to go out for my birthday dinner the following evening - of course, I was all for that - it drags the birthday out and makes it feel much longer! (Remember....I started celebrating way back in April when my friend Elizabeth and I got together for our annual Christmas/Birthday exchange).

My birthday cake was chocolate. And not just any chocolate. I LOVE chocolate mousse, so my cake definitely had to include that. In fact, it was more mousse than cake! Talk about perfection!

In addition to a lovely dinner at Russia House and assorted other goodies from DH, he also sent me some flowers. I've taken a few shots spread out out a couple of days....and a closeup of my favorite one!
(I just love the coral rose...with the deep orange edges - see photo on the right)

My MIL found a book signing down where she lives and managed to get a copy of the book signed for me. It's the "Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques" by Margaret Radcliffe. How awesome is that? It covers all sorts of techniques for introducing color into your knitting...definitely a great resource!

Finally, my friend Lisa gave me a lovely knitting project basket - isn't it gorgeous? I just love the flowers on it. The basket is an antique (by American standards). The cloth that comprises the body of the basket is called "bark cloth"- probably because of it's texture. It was often used back in the 50's and 60's I believe. She also included a pretty purple butterfly applique and wrapped a fabulous knitting book in some purple silk. Neither Lisa nor I is sure which is the right and which is the wrong side of the silk - LOL! Either way, it's beautiful. I think it will look fantastic as a dresser scarf....I just need to finish off the edges and I've got intant home decor!

The knitting book is awesome - it's "Knitted Lace Triangles" by Evelyn Clarke. The book is spiral bound, so it will lay nice and flat - a definite plus when trying to follow a lace pattern. Lisa knows that I really like to work on lace and have completed a couple of shawls over the past few years. She also knows that I have a have a TON of them in my queue right now. Evelyn is a fabulous designer.....and my first "true" lace shawl - the Swallow Tail Shawl - just happened to be one of her designs. I can't wait to dig into this book...and perhaps make another Evelyn Clark design!


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