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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Knitting Progress

I'm still on a huge "knitting roll" - finishing or making good progress on my projects.

The 2x2 socks out of my stash of "Ditto" in a burgunday/brown/black colorway are FINALLY done. My only issue with the socks is that they are NOT identical. The first skein of yarn has the dark stripes in the following order:
  • black
  • dark brown
  • medium brown
The second skein was exactly the opposite:
  • medium brown
  • dark brown
  • black

The good news is that the socks are dark and the striping is somewhat uniform, even if the color order is a bit different between the two socks, so all is not lost. My preference is for them to match, but these are close enough.

I'm nearly done with the second "Fantasy Naturale Market Bag". I really love this variegated color - the neutrals and bit of green and blue are very asthetically pleasing. I have two more rounds of the pattern to complete, then the handles, and it will be done!

I've also started the Brandywine Shawl - part of the pattern cost goes to support the devasted citizens of Haiti. I'm using Jaegger spun Merino/Silk in the "Iris" colorway. I love the deep bluish purple! At plresent, I've completed through row 42 and it seemed to knit up in no time. Funny how fast the rows go at the beginning of a shawl - it won't be long and the number of rows completed "per sitting" will be drastically reduced. Until then, I'm going to enjoy the sense of accomplishment as I mark off each completed row.


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