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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All Creatures Great and Small

Yesterday, on the dog walk, we startled a deer that was hanging out by the playground. It was a very young buck - just starting to get the beginnings of horns. He quickly ran off into the woods when we approached, so unfortunately, I didn't get a picture.

Today, I spotted a little chipmunk that darted out from the drainage ditch and scurried across the drainfield to the lower end of a down spout. He "peaked" out at us from the safety of his "new found shelter" and seemed to pose for the picture. (He darted off the moment I put the camera away!)

It's been so hot here that the Black-Eyed Susans appear to be "shriveling" in the intense heat. Only those that spent most of their hours in the shade seem to be surviving well.

Ah....I noticed that the thistles are really starting to sprout up throughout the neighborhood. I can't wait till they get their purple heads and purple tu-tus!

This week, the knitting has slowed down a bit. I did finish the second "Fantasy Naturale Market Bag". However, I did not make much progress on the Shropshire baby blanket. I knit 4 rows on the blanket, tore them out, and re-knit. I also had to drop 2 stitches down about 40 rows to correct an error. I FINALLY managed to complete 2 rows, so at least I did make SOME progress...no matter how small.

My goals for this week are to start "Skuld". I'm making this in a very deep purple colorway from Fearless Fibers - "Indescribable". It's gorgeous! Subtle shading differences. I really need to get going on Skuld as the pattern for th next shawl in the series comes out on July 15th!

And then, there's the "Starsky". Another project I really need to start - and complete! It's going to be a lovely casual cardigan that will go perfectly with jeans. I'm making it in Shepherd's wool in the "Pansy" colorway.


  • At 6:26 PM, Blogger JaymeKnits said…

    I've always loved the Starsky pattern. It just looks so wearable and comfy. I don't know how you are going to manage the pile of wool in your lap with this heat(supposed to be upper 90s tomorrow). I hope your AC is cranked up.

  • At 8:22 PM, Blogger Jinann said…

    I DEFINITELY will have the AC on full blast whenever knitting in this weather - can't risk "felting" my projects!


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