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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Casting On and Unexpected Projects

I've finally cast on for my "Skuld". I really like the yarn - especially now that I know the intent was for it to be made from a rather dark yarn. "Indescribable" from Fearless Fibers is perfect! The pattern is quite interesting. I wonder how long it will take me to finish this???

After the Sons of Norway lodge meeting this evening, I headed over to the Norwegian Cultural Center to sort through some partial projects and yarn (unborn projects) that had been donated to the lodge by the estate of a former member.

There were at least 12 different sweaters at various points of completion - a couple need to be sewn together while others need either the body or at least one sleeve knitted up. In all cases, there were no patterns...and sometimes, no yarn for completing the project. I opted to attempt to finish a "harvest gold" sweater. It's fairly complete, but is open at the base of the sleeves - I'm assuming the intent was to put buttons and button loops there. (I stayed away from two sweaters that were knit in the Norwegian technique and were marked for Steeking.....eeekkkk! Steeks!) I'll post "before" and "after" photos once I start working on this.

I'm planning to make some kits for Nordic color knitting out of some of the white wool that was in such abundance. The numerous partial skeins of colorful yarn that were peppered throughout the boxes of yarn will be perfect for adding color. I'm planning a lodge activity or perhaps we'll market the kits at the Christmas Bazaar.

From the plentiful "seventies" colors of yarn, I plan to make some small bags and felt them. Next, I'll needle felt some Nordic designs on them and donate them to our Christmas Bazaar. I intend to have the Norwegian ships and possibly some viking helmets needle felted onto each bag. The possibilities are endless!

Finally, there were some gorgeous hand knit Norwegian sweaters that Debbie found at a yard sale. Two are definitely hand knit, and the third may or may not be...but it's definitely hand finished. Anyhow, I'll be washing them up and restoring them to their original splendor for a silent auction or something similar at an upcoming lodge meeting. It will be a fantastic opportunity for someone to acquire a hand knit vintage Norwegian sweater - something to treasure and pass along.


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