Have Ewe Any Wool?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

VERY Easy Knitting

This project was "super-fast" and extremely easy! It was a nice mindless project that I could do while relaxing indoors in the air conditioning - far from the oppressive heat and humidity that was the norm this summer.

The yarn is a personal favorite - 100% Merino from Stone Hedge Fiber Mill in Michigan. Yes...it's made in the USA!!! It's incredibly soft and comes in a fantastic variety of colors. The yardage is great - 250 yds. per skein.

The pattern I used was "The Drop-Stitch Shawl" from Vogue's "Knitting on the Go - Shawls". I didnt' use the recommended yarn as I wanted something snuggly and soft - that can double as a shawl or a nice warm scarf for the winter. The yardage required for the project was incorrect in the pattern. I found that I used somewhere between 350 and 400 yards for the project.

The weather has finally "let up" a bit and we've had some gorgeous days to get outside and enjoy nature. I managed to capture some gorgeous colors around my neighborhood. My favorites remain the purple thistles, but I did find some other "glories of nature" as well.


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