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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Finished Object!

Yes...I actually have a finished object! I didn't even start this one until AFTER I arrived in Illinois. Last night, I found out that my cousin was coming over with his new daughter! I knew he was expecting, but everyone forgot to tell me when the due date was...and no one managed to tell me when the baby was born! Ugh!

So, I had to scurry to make a personal gift...and then supplement it with a gift card. I made these cute little booties - in cream, purple and green. I love the colors...and the best part is that it's not the usual typical "baby girl" colors - I think it's a bit more interesting.

I used "Baby Bee" yarn made exclusively for Hobby Lobby. I still LOVE Hobby Lobby...and so wish I had one near me in Virginia! It's definitely got a wide assortment of goods - including storage, decor items and yard goods in addition to the typical craft supplies. I do believe they have a much better variety than I see in Michaels and AC Moore.


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