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Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Scottish Games

The Sunday before Labor Day, we went to the Scottish Games. It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day - the temperature was perfect and the sky was blue and sunny...and a gentle breeze was blowing. You really couldn't ask for a better day.

We enjoyed Celtic Music while eating bridies, meat pies, and drinking Guinness. A lovely way to spend the afternoon. "Coyote Run" was the first group we heard...I definitely liked them the best. They had a variety of interesting instruments that they played - and the music was wonderful!

There was the obligatory "Clan Parade" - it's always nice to see all the plaids and kilts.

I love the British car display. My favorites are still the Morgans. I was a bit disappointed that the display wasn't quite as large as it had been in past years. I didn't see the Police car or a number of the Mini-Coopers that were on display last year. Sigh.

While wandering past the cars, I found the encampments and took some photos of the Romans. Next to them was a group that had a display of naturally dyed wool - no surprise that I honed in on that display! Mara graciously allowed me to photograph their display as well as a shot of her combing the wool. It turns out that she knows a dyeing friend of mine, Sylvia - what a small world! (I'd taken an Indigo dyeing class with Sylvia a few years back.)

There was even a sheep dog demonstration this year. I managed to capture a shot of that as well...thought I didn't have a prime vantage point.

Speaking of dogs, I finally met some Irish Wolf Hounds up close. Wow! These animals are like horses! They're absolutely huge! I can't imagine the food bill! Evidently, they can kill a bear, so they're prized animals for the farmers - keeping all their livestock safe.

We watched some of the games...always great entertainment. The caber toss is my favorite game to watch. I'm always amazed by the shear strength of the competitors. They basically lift the equivalent of a telephone pole and attempt to "toss" it end-over-end. I captured one competitor that almost made it....so close!

It's all over now until next year.....


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