Have Ewe Any Wool?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Knitting Progress

Finally! I have completed objects!

First off, the small blanket (possibly a stroller blanket) is complete. I LOVE the feather and fan pattern and the natural color of the Shropshire Two-Ply Baby Yarn from Solitude Wool. I started this in May...just after the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and FINALLY got it off the needles last night!

I've also finished the first sock of my latest sock project. It was nearly done just before I went to New York and I attempted to finish is in the car. However, I found that once I completed the toe decreases, the sock was just a tad too short. So, to the "frog pond" I went...and ripped it back so I could add about 5 more rows before starting the toe decrease once again. Somehow, I miscalculated...and the sock was STILL too short. So I returned to the "frog pond" once more. This time, I got it right...and finished the sock just as we crossed the border from Pennsylvania into NY.

Now, I just need to finish the second sock and I'll have yet another pair for this winter! At last count, I had 15 pairs of socks that I've made and another 3 pairs that dear friends have made for me! I should be set for the season, eh?


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