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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hardanger Fiddler and More Projects....

I almost forgot - last Friday at the Sons of Norway lodge meeting, we had a well known Hardanger fiddler perform after our Smorgasbord dinner - Loretta Kelley. The music was fabulous. I just love the Hardanger costume - it's also the Norwegian national costume. The Hardanger fiddle (Hardingfele) is a fascinating fiddle - it has 8 strings. Four of the strings are played, and the remaining four sympathetic strings resonate underneath bringing a very unique sound to the music produced.

Loretta's presentation focused on "Troll Music" and some of the myths and lore surrounding the Norwegian Trolls. Her presentation was fascinating! We're very fortunate - Loretta is one of our lodge members, so we probably have easier access to this very talented person than most do!

Now on to the knitting projects...

I honestly meant to finish my Brandywine Shawl by now, but for some reason, I just can't get past those last 16 rows. I guess I've got a bad case of "finishitis". Actually, I think what's holding me up is the I-cord cast-off...I've never done that before and I really need to try the technique before trying it on the shawl.

So...instead of finishing the shawl, I started two new projects: the Verdandi Shawl (part of the Norns series) as well as a ribbed vest. The moment I finished the "Stroller Blanket", I cast it on - using Zaueberball Crazy in a blue color way. All was going well until I looked down and saw that not only did I have the tail of the yarn, but there were two MORE ends sticking out of the yarn ball! What a mess! There were several yards of the yarn that was separate from the ball! I've wound those "errant yards" onto a bobbin for now (in the forefront of the photo)...I'm hoping I won't have to use it! Ugh! And this occurred AFTER I'd been knitting along and ran across a knot within the first yard and a half of the yarn! Ugh!

The vest is a quick knit in rather thick, ultra soft yarn - "Baby Alpaca Grande" from Plymouth. It feels absolutely divine! I selected a red colorway - it's a nice blue-red. I just started this last Saturday, and I'm now about 2/3 done! I might actually get it completed before Saturday! How cool is that? It's a very easy pattern...great for "mindless knitting"!


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