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Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Sock Complete


The first sock in my "Plymouth Zino" vs. "Jawoll Magic" yarn comparison is complete.

Plymouth Zino
  • Ease of knitting - it knit easily, but tight knitters will have some difficulty since it's a loosely spun single and may break threads when attempting to "wedge" the needle tip into the stitch. The yarn does not wear well when you have to "frog it", so I wouldn't recommend this to new knitters.
  • Softness/Feel - very soft - primarily due to the loose ply.
  • Splittiness of the yarn - it's not really "splitty", it's just very loosely spun, and therefore, if you're not watching, you can easily pick up most of the threads for a stitch and leave some of the others behind. In multi-ply yarns, some plies are loosely plied together and you may pick up two of three plies, but with this yarn, you pick up individual threads...and if you don't pick them all up, the resulting fabric is not as smooth and sleek as expected.
  • Colors contained within each ball - colors were limited to varied shades of green
  • Length of color changes - This produced wide stripes for subtle color variations that I really liked.
I did run into a knot in the Zino in the middle of the heel back. I really dislike knots in my sock yarn as it creates a tactile difference that's easily felt by the foot. Taking out the knot and pit-splicing would minimize the impact, but with super-wash, that's not an option. My second choice would be to take out the knot and do a Russian Join...but again, this is not an option with this yarn as it's a single ply. I left the knot in and tried to position it for the least amount of discomfort.

I do understand why knots occasionally appear in yarn, but for sock yarn, I do not expect to have knots. It would seem that additional care should be taken to avoid knots in sock yarn specifically.

I'll end this post on another subject altogether. I just LOVE the crispness of fall weather...and it's finally arrived! There have been some lovely trees this fall, but the maple tree is by far my favorite. A single tree contains so many beautiful colors! I just love it! I only wish that the colors stayed longer.

The final "fall color spectacular" is a sunset. Last evening, I caught this shot from the parking lot of Nature's Yarns. It was unbelievable. The colors were so bright and vibrant! (You'll have to ignore the car lights and lighted signs and concentrate on the sky.) I don't think I've even seen such a bright hot pink and orange sky!


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