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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Finished Projects!


Wahoo! Tuesday night, I knit the final rows of my purple and green socks out of Opal "Maskenball" colorway 3001. No "second sock syndrome" here - once I get one sock done, I'm on a mission to finish the second one. Last night, I wove in the loose ends, so they're truly complete!

My next socks are a "comparison". At the NY Sheep and Wool, a customer noticed that the "Zino" yarn from Plymouth (made in Italy) looks nearly identical to the "Jawoll Magic" yarn - which I thought was made in Germany. However, upon closer inspection of the ball band, in white lettering against a very light grey background, I found that the Jawoll was ALSO made in Italy. Hmmmm....I'll lay odds that they were manufactured by the same company...they are just too similar! Both are superwash yarns comprised of 75% wool and 25% nylon and have nearly identical coloring. I suspect that the only difference I'll find is the way each ball is wound.

I told Linda that I'd make two pairs of socks - one from the "Zino" and one from "Jawoll Magic" and see how they compare based on the following:
  • Ease of knitting
  • Softness/Feel
  • Splittiness of the yarn
  • Colors contained within each ball
  • Length of color changes
Stay tuned for the results! (I'm going to start and complete one from each yarn before making the second sock of each pair as I'm pretty anxious to see how they compare.)

I also did the final 16 rows of the "Brandywine Shawl" - it was done in the "Iris" colorway in Jagger Spun Zephyr - absolutely a delight to work with! I also finished casting off in the "tubular cast off". The cast off took a while, but I like the way it looks. It's the first time I tried that type of cast off and I found it to be quite easy. Now, I just need to remove the "life lines", soak it, and block it! (Too bad I didn't have it done in time for the NY Sheep and Wool Festival!) Now, I need to cast on for the "Traveling Woman"....and finish my "Verdandi"! (And I have several more shawls waiting in the queue!)


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