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Monday, October 18, 2010

New York Sheep and Wool Festival 2010

I got off to a bit of a slow start at the festival this year. My friend, Cathy, from HS that I stay with when I'm in NY, lost her dad on Monday, so my pre-festival time was spent with her family at the funeral home and cemetery. I'm so thankful that I was able to be there for her and her family. (God definitely works in mysterious ways...and we couldn't help but think that He timed all so I could be there with her.)

My friend, Cathy, lives in what looks like a private estate with a spectacular view. The view "out to the road" from where she lives shows the pillars and iron gates that mark the driveway entrance. The manor house (left) is where her landlord lives and the ivy covered building with the European look is where Cathy lives.

The views from Cathy's place are absolutely incredible. Each day, the leaves got more colorful. If only I could stay here forever!

I always feel very spoiled when I stay here - very warm and comfy! I just LOVE my room...it's beautiful and cozy. She has a collection of stuffed animals and Raggedy Anns. Even the door to my room is decorated! The bed is full of a variety of cute pillows atop a lovely quilt. The chest at the foot of the bed decorated with adorable Raggedy Ann dolls.

Cathy's many kitties were constant companions when I was at the house. I had to lock them out of the bedroom at night though because "Mama" likes to jump on your chest and request "petting" in the middle of the night, so the only way to guarantee undisturbed sleep is to ban the kitties from the bedroom. Of course, the minute I open the door in the morning, they run inside and place themselves strategically across the bed. Such sweet kitties! (Shelly is the only one missing from these photos...she's a bit camera shy...)

I love this area of NY. Everywhere you go, there are views of the mountains. There are even spectacular views of the mountains right from the parking lot at the Walmart in Kingston! I have always loved this area...the mountains provide such a beautiful backdrop.

I got to the fairgrounds on Friday in the mid-afternoon to help Linda and Leanna of Misty Mountain Farm do the final touches on the setup. I felt bad that I wasn't there to help them unload the trailer and do the initial setup, but I felt that my friend and her family definitely needed me more.

I had a blast again this year helping Linda and Leanna with their booth. They had some awesome new yarns this year: orange and black "Trick or Treat" yarn and some red, white, and blue patriotic yarn.

Their booth is always very busy and I truly enjoy helping out - whether it's weighing yarn, tutoring someone on drop-spindle-spinning, helping someone "test drive" a wheel or just answering general questions about the various fibers and/or yarns. It's a lot of work, but we always have a great time!

The weather was absolutely beautiful this year! Bright and sunny both days....with a bit of wind so all could "show off" their lovely hand-knits. I even got a chance to hook up with my Ravelry friend, Joan...and hand deliver her swap package! Joan's
"Traveling Woman" shawl is REALLY making me want to start on mine! It was gorgeous! I'll have to select the yarn first...perhaps silk? Or maybe Merino? Oh, the decisions!

All weekend, we were very busy, but I did, however, find time to run out and get my pot pie...and picked up one for Linda and Leanna as well! The freshly baked pot pies are FABULOUS! (And well worth the wait in line!)

I also managed to get in a bit of shopping. I purchases some goodies at some of my favorite haunts - "Spirit Trail", "Ellen's Half Pint", "Sanguine Griffin", and of course, "Misty Mountain Farm". I never got a chance to hit a few others that I usually hit - like "The Fold", "Golding", and "Briar Rose"....or the fabulous place that my friend Lisa told me about in building 36...I think (I can't remember the name of the vendor...). Oh, well...there's always next year!

On Sunday morning, I got in a bit of wandering and checked out all the sheep. (See my next post for the details.)

Like all good things, the weekend had to come to an end. Building A is now empty...except for the shipping parcels for the vendor from Wales. It's hard to believe that this room was full of vendors and shoppers just a couple of short hours ago!

I headed back to the DC area very early this morning. The sunrise was absolutely beautiful!


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