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Monday, November 01, 2010

Christmas Stocking...a First Peek

Last year, for the Christmas stocking swap, I made a felted stocking using a "Two Old Bags" pattern. Many other folks created Fair Isle stockings...and I thought they were gorgeous. As part of that swap, I received a beautiful Fair Isle stocking in Purple and White. So, this year, I decided to knit a Fair Isle stocking for my swap partner...hopefully she'll be as pleased with this one as I was with the one I received last year.

I chose the Debbie Bliss pattern from her new book, "A Knitter's Year". It's a great book that has lots of smaller projects for the various times of the year - 52 projects to be exact. This stocking is a bit unusual in that it's worked flat rather than in the round. As a sock knitter, I'm finding this a bit odd - all the socks I knit are in the round. I'm having a terrible time with my tension...it's very tight in the Fair Isle portions and my usually looseness in the plain stockinette. I have also noticed that I really detest doing color work on the purl side of the stocking and have a real tension problem when working on that side. I believe that's the source of the majority of my tension issues. Next time, I'm DEFINITELY looking for one that's done in the round - if, in fact, I decide to do another Fair Isle stocking!

I am currently on the heel shaping, so it won't be long until I'm done! I can't wait to see how this all comes together as the shaping of the heel is done on each side of the stocking. The finishing sews the seam for the stocking....thus connecting the two halves of the heel. One other pattern criticism - I've noticed that the gusset shaping includes some rather large holes...similar to the holes I get when attempting a sock from the toe up with the "short row heel". I'm definitely not a big fan of how that looks.

Oh...and I now have a photo of the "Brandywine Shawl" - off of the blocking board. I just love it!


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