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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knitting Progress

The Jawoll Magic sock is coming along. I've completed about 3 inches of the cuff of the first sock. It's already looking suspiciously like the Plymouth Zino yarn as far as color pattern. Additionally, the yarn behaves just like the Zino - it's relatively soft and it's easy to grab only part of the stitch rather than all the fibers associated with the stitch. Very annoying!

I do like the way the colors morph into more subtle stripes rather than the "bite your eyes out" stripes that some striped yarns are prone to doing. These socks will be great under jeans or dress pans and will definitely keep my feet warm. Again, like the Plymouth Zino yarn, I don't think it will be overly durable because it's spun very lightly and is ultra-soft.

I also completed a secret knit - nothing fancy, but it's part of a Christmas surprise, so I can't reveal anything about it yet. I can't even divulge the color as that might give it away! I'm about to start on another "super secret" Christmas surprise. Wish me luck!

The weather is starting to "crisp up" and feel more fall-like. One of my favorite trees is still holding onto it's leaves and seems to get prettier every day. About half of the trees in my neighborhood are devoid of leaves, the those remaining are bursting with color.

Some of the leaves in are absolutely HUGE!!!! Check out the size of this leaf compared to my shoe. Unbelievable!

I love the smell of the drying leaves in the air...it's invigorating! (I just try not to think about the fact that winter is just around the corner...). The crisp air and leaves make for beautiful skies full of various clouds and very vibrant blues.

Of course, along with the fall weather are some fall staples...like squash and fresh brussels sprouts. This year, as an added treat for myself, I purchased my sprouts on the stalk. I thought they looked pretty cool - I had no idea they grew on a stalk until earlier this year. Once off the stalk, I was surprised to see how many sprouts I actually had! Mmmmmm! (My sisters and I always loved our "baby cabbages" when we were growing up. DH definitely does NOT share my love of sprouts.)


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