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Sunday, November 07, 2010


Wow! What an absolutely awesome day!

My friend, Paula, and I headed downtown in full 1960's regalia to see "Hair!" at the Kennedy Center Opera House. It was absolutely fabulous! The music....the costumes! What an incredible production! It's definitely a "must see". Just incredible!


Paula and I sang and danced in the front row on stage during the final number! How cool is that? The cast invited the audience to join them on stage, and many of us did just that. It was incredible! We weren't shuffled to the back either....we were right there in the front row on the stage! It was an absolutely awesome view of the packed Opera House - everyone was singing and clapping. It was beautiful! Paula and I both sang "Let the Sun Shine In" at the top of our lungs... grinning from ear to ear. What an absolutely incredible experience!

I danced with one of the cast members...and gave a big hug to another one. I even got to show off the POW bracelet I was wearing from way back in the '60's. The show is timeless - with the current wars going on, it was apparent that the messages and concerns of the 60's are just as relevant today as they were during the Vietnam war.

After the show, Paula's friend, Dave, took us on a backstage tour. It was fascinating to see the costumes and props as well as the lighting and sound controls. It's quite an elaborate scene back stage. We also got a closer look at the actual set. Dave described the backstage setups for a number of other shows that he's worked on - what a fascinating job he has!

That was one more thing I got to cross off my "bucket list" - "Sing and dance on stage at the Kennedy Center Opera House". I never dreamed that would ever happen...not in a million years. I'm still grinning...just thinking about it.

(Many thanks to Paula for the photos of us. I did manage to get one photo for myself - the picture of the big sign was taken with my cell phone...)


  • At 7:03 AM, Blogger Enid said…

    what a fantastic night!!!!!!
    lucky girl


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