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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Stocking is Done!

Wahoo! My stocking for the stocking exchange is done. The pattern was from Debbie Bliss's new book, "The Knitter's Year".

As previously stated, the sock is worked flat and on two different sized needles. The larger needle was generally used for the color work...but as you can see, I probably should have used an even larger size as my color work was very tight. It really made an odd shape when laid out flat. I was happy to see that the inside of my stocking was fairly neat, even if it was a bit tight.

I discovered a few things while working on this stocking - the biggest one is that I really don't like doing color work on the purl side. It seemed very awkward and fiddly. I also found that I definitely don't like knitting a sock flat - there's too much finishing to do when you're done knitting! I had discovered this before when I made some cotton socks for my daughter...and I think that was a Debbie Bliss pattern as well!

Thankfully, the stocking is now done. I'm pleased with the look of the color work, but definitely not with the overall effect. The stocking looks a bit mis-shapen, so I'm hoping it's "looks" will improve once stuffed with all the goodies.

I don't think I'll make this stocking again - instead, I'll definitely look for one that's done in the round. The color changes are much easier when only dealing with the knit side of the garment! I think I might try the pattern that my partner used for my stocking last year. It was very pretty and had a lot of nice patterning to the color work.


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