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Monday, December 06, 2010


Last week, while at my sister's, I was bitten by the spinning bug...and as a result, I got a lot of spinning done. I've nearly finished with the raspberry cream roving that I bought from Roclans at last year's Shenandoah Fall Fiber Festival - I only have about 2 meters of roving left to spin!

My nieces were fascinated by the process. The youngest was convinced that it was so easy, so I let her have a try - she soon discovered that it wasn't quite as easy as it looked! She settled for continuing to work on her projects on two rigid heddle looms - after I "fixed" her mistakes for her and re-taught her the weaving process.

Once back home, I continued my spinning with group of fellow spinners at the library on Sunday. There were 6 of us in attendance - although one was there for knitting rather than spinning. There were several wheels represented and lots of luscious rovings. One was the new Aura...freshly assembled within the past week. It spun like a dream and is perfect for creating bulky yarns because it has a nice large orifice. (I didn't think to get a picture of the wheel...maybe next time.)

Alice had a lovely slanted Scandinavian wheel of some sort. It spins really nice - so easy even though it's a single treadle.

I love all the wood turnings on this wheel - they're gorgeous! They're very pointy too. I'm not sure what country the wheel is from, but it's really beautiful! (Alice, like me, loves to collect and use a variety of wheels.)

When I left the library, the sun was setting. The crisp winter air makes for some gorgeous colors against the dark wintry sky. I just love it!


  • At 10:03 PM, Blogger Sam said…

    The photos are just amazing. Love them.


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