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Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas!


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Wahoo! We actually had a white Christmas! There was still a wee bit of snow from last week's little storm...and this morning, we had flurries! Just enough to dust the front steps, the driveways, and the cars. It warmed up a couple of degrees and it all melted, but at least I started the day with a fresh coating of snow! (If you click on the photos below, you can actually see flakes coming down!) DD even was having snow in Alabama!

Before we opened presents,we had a yummy Christmas brunch. There was smoked salmon and cream cheese on mini-bagels, pickled herring (a personal favorite of mine!), lefse (buttered and rolled with cinnamon sugar inside), all natural bacon (no headache causing nitrates or nitrites, and two kinds of stollen - one with a bit of marzipan down the middle and the other without. Needless to say, I was the only one that was thrilled about the herring!

I got some amazing gifts this year! Right after brunch, I cracked open one of the gifts from my step-daughter, a bottle of "Europa Raspberry ChocoVine" - a dutch chocolate red wine with raspberries! It was delicious - absolutely heavenly! It was like a "drinkable" dessert!

My friend Lisa gave me a fabulous gift basket - a handcrafted woven basket in magenta and purple. In the package nestled inside the basket was a pattern and some awesome purple yarn - 50% wool and 50% silk - it feels incredible! What a perfect combination - a project basket completed with an awesome project!

DH found the most incredible gift...a "Computer Engineer Barbie". How cool is that? I can't believe it! I never thought I'd see a Barbie with my degree! There are far fewer computer engineers than there are computer science majors. It's good to see that Mattel is finally making a "smart" Barbie!

One of my sisters found a great t-shirt for me. I'm just going to assume that I'm the "Good Sister" - bwaaaah haaaah haaaah!!!!!!!

Edited to add...

Oh....I almost forgot! I got some awesome earrings - they'll go perfect with the "Yaaaarn" skull and crossbones T-shirt DH got me a while back. I just love the "rose in the teeth" bit! How perfect!

We finished the evening with our relatively new tradition, "Christmas Tacos". They're festive, contain the Christmas colors (lots of reds and greens), and are definitely a crowd pleaser around here! DH is quite happy with his taco platter! (Trust me...he is happy...it's just real hard to get him to smile for the camera!)


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