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Friday, January 07, 2011

Happy St. Distaff's Day!

Well, the Feast of the Epiphany was last evening, so today is St. Distaff's Day - aka Roc Day! The link tells a brief history of St. Distaff's Day and if you scroll down you'll see a verse that was written to commemorate the day.

How are you planning to celebrate?

I plan to finish spinning the red/purple roving on my Kromski Mazurka. That will be my second completed project for 2011. Then once that's complete, I'll continue working on the second bobbin of purple Merino on my Louet.

Local and Semi-local St. Distaff Day / Roc Day / Spinning Events
  • Saturday January 8 at Uniquities is a "Spinning Open House" (registration needed) (not an official "Roc Day" event, but an opportunity to spin in celebration of it none the less.)
  • Wednesday January 12 is a celebration of Roc Day in Harrisonburg, VA at the Hardesty-Higgins House. (registration needed)


  • At 4:47 AM, Blogger jm said…

    wish i read this sooner! i will have to celebrate a few days late--going to get my KIWI out--i do keep my antique wheel in the living rm with its proud distaff displayed with some roving too!


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