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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Knitting and Spinning

I had 3 spinning projects on my wheels as of January 1, 2011. These yarn projects definitely need to be completed so I can move on to other spinning projects and to ensure that my travel wheel is empty and ready for the Spinner's and Weaver's Retreat at the end of January! The three projects at the top of the list are:
  • Medium soft wool (not sure what it was, but I think it's Rambouillet) purchased from Roclans at the Shenandoah Fall Fiber Festival in 2009. The roving is two toned in the "Heartfelt" colorway (this is the one I call "Raspberry Sherbet")
  • Purple Merino from Spinner's Hill purchased at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival in 2009.
  • Hand dyed red/purple BFL that I had received in a swap last year.
New Year's day was dedicated to spinning. I only had about 40 inches of roving yet to spin in the "Heartfelt"...and it had been "patiently waiting" for several weeks. I decided that I needed to finish that project first. I spun up the last bit of the roving quite quickly. Then, I plied like a mad woman until the wee hours of the morning FINALLY completing my first spinning project of 2011! I tried to make a single large skein, but my bobbin was overstuffed and I still had quite of bit of the single ply yet to be plied. I finally decided that I'd have to make a second skein. In the end, I had created two two-ply skeins (a 4.9 oz. skein and a 1.7 oz. skein) as well as a tiny skein of single-ply. The roving was two-tone - a pale raspberry and a deeper raspberry color. I am quite pleased with the color of the plied yarn.

The next spinning project will be the Purple Merino. I'm still working on the first bobbin and have about 1 1/2 ounces left to go! Hopefully, I'll get that finished up tomorrow and can start on the second bobbin.

On to the knitting projects...I had some other knitting projects that I had not been able to display previously as they had been gifts. All the recipients have opened their packages, so now I can do the reveal...

I completed another pair of bed socks for my mom. She had accidentally felted one of the previous pairs I had made her and was absolutely heartbroken. I quickly knit up and shipped her a new pair. I knit them with "Iceland Prints" from Crystal Palace using the "Fireside Socks" pattern - her favorite combination for bed socks. The colorway is "Ultramarine" - mom really liked the colors...and was thrilled to have a new pair! I took a photo of the first sock once it was completed, but I was in such a hurry to ship them off to my mom, that I totally forgot to take a photo of the completed pair!

The "Maia" shawl was made as a birthday gift for my friend Lisa. She's made such lovely gifts for me in the past that I really wanted to make something special for her this year. This shawl was originally intended to be her Christmas gift, but it wasn't quite done - it was finally finished on Dec. 27th, but still had to be blocked. It's VERY convenient that her birthday and Christmas are close together! I was able to swap her birthday and Christmas gifts around ensuring that gifts were delivered "on time" for both occasions.

The "Maia" is a very sweet shawlette that lays nicely on the shoulders. I think it even looks pretty unblocked (left)...though it wasn't very big at that point! The pattern is available in a lovely little e-book called, "Seven Small Shawls to Knit" by Rosemary (Romi) Hill. She creates lovely patterns!


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