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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fingerless Gloves and Soup

Brrrr! Winter is definitely keeping it's stronghold! The temps keep hovering around freezing with no real warm-ups in site! My focus has definitely been on "warming" - inside and out!

For warming my "outsides", I decided to "stash dive" and started a pair of fingerless gloves. Unfortunately, I didn't like how they were turning out...plus, they were a bit big for my hands. I ripped it all out and started over. For my second attempt, I'm using a lovely pattern - Lepidoptera Mitts. The yarn I selected is a nice teal-like green alpaca with a bit of angelina to give it some sparkle. I love this pattern...and I'm nearly done with the first mitt!

A nice pot of soup wasjust the thing for warming my insides. Last Wednesday, I searched for a good soup recipe using andouille sausage. I found one that sounded pretty good, but I needed to tweak it a bit to adapt it to my taste. The main reason I needed a recipe was to get the solids to liquid ratio. I was looking for a VERY hardy soup...and wanted it to have both the sausage and some beans. On the left, you can see the crock pot full of all my diced up veggies BEFORE adding the liquid. On the right is the crock pot with the liquid added.

MMMMmmmmm!!!! It was delicious! It was just what I needed...a bit on the spicy side (which I love)and very filling.


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