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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Fingerless Gloves Are Finished!

This past week has been great for project progress! I started a pair of fingerless gloves last Saturday and quickly finished the first glove by Sunday afternoon. I finished the second glove and tucked in all the loose ends last evening! I used some alpaca yarn with just a touch of angelina to give it some sparkle. I purchased the yarn from Cyndy at a retreat a couple of years ago and don't have the ball band, so I'm not sure about the brand and total fiber content.

The Lepidoptera Mitts were a great project - only one week to complete a project! And....the best part is that the yarn was from stash - I didn't purchase any new yarn for this project!

On Tuesday, I decided not to get together with friends for knitting/spinning as the earlier ice storm wasn't totally cleared out...and I was afraid of a re-freeze. I stayed in and spun more on my purple Merino. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on that one!

I also worked some more on the mixed purple and red hand dyed that I've been spinning on my Mazurka. I had to set it aside, however, as I can't put my finger on my spinning oil...and she's definitely in need of a "drink". (Most of my wheels have closed bearings, so the only lubrication I need to do is rubbing a bit of waxed paper here and there for parts OTHER than the actual wheel.)

On Wednesday, the weather cooperated and I was able to make it out to spin with friends. I started on some 70% Merino / 30% Silk that I'd purchased from Alice at the Drafting Zone. It brought back some wonderful memories...it's so hard to believe she's gone. She'll definitely be missed at this year's spin-ins. However, spinning the gorgeous wool I've purchased from her brings back happy memories of last Spring's spin-in in Maryland.

I finished my "squishy" - a stealth project for one of the Valentine's swaps a little over a week ago and have made great progress on my small project for another swap. (Photos later...once the recipients have received their goodies!) These are just fun little quick projects - great for using up stash yarn!

I even made significant progress on the second "Panda Silk" sock. I've completed the cuff, turned the heel, and am nearly done with the gusset - only 8 gusset rows left until I head down the home stretch. Next, I have to concentrate on the two nearly identical pairs of socks - the Jawoll Magic and Plymouth Zino as both of them have only one sock complete. I need to get them out of the way so I can do some fun socks! I've added some interesting socks to my Ravelry queue, and want to branch out from my usual 2x2 rib socks! Perhaps I'll start an "interesting" pair so I can switch between the mindless 2x2 rib and the more challenging sock pattern...


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