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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Is Finally Here!

This past week, I got visual confirmation that Spring is FINALLY here!

For the better part of two weeks, I kept noticing a very sweet, floral smell - almost like honeysuckles - as I'd round a specific corner on my walks. Each day, the scent became more pervasive. I finally pinpointed the source. It's a tree-like bush with some tiny blossoms. It's incredibly fragrant - and I have no idea what type of tree/bush it is.

I also saw my first Spring blooms - in two shades of gorgeous purples. I not sure what type of flowers they are, but they look like small irises.

I also noticed that some of the daffodil tops are starting to swell as the flower buds mature. I suspect that any day now they'll be in bloom as well.

Sadly, many trees have been lost due to the heavy, wet snow we had last month. Thankfully, we only had one such snow storm this year! However, many older trees were snapped in half and needed to be chopped down. There is some simple beauty in the remaining trunks. I was especially enamored with this one - I'm always intrigued by the growth rings. I think they're absolutely beautiful!

Finally, I found some very "sunny" yellow flowers. I'm not sure what flowers these are either. The crocuses in a nearby bed are barely beginning to "peek out".

The weather has been just delightful and puts one in a fabulous mood. In addition to enjoying all the delights of Spring, I have managed to get some work done on various projects as well....

I've completed the first "Nemesis" sock using the Louet Gems that I received from Alix. It's 100% Merino, so it's super soft. The pattern uses quite a bit of yarn - I had very little left over from the 50 g. skein. Thank goodness I have small feet! I've just started the second sock. The pair will be complete by the end of the month as they're part of my entry for the "Nerd Wars" challenge in Ravelry.

I've turned the heel and am well into the foot of my "Jawoll Magic" socks. I should be able to finish them off in no time! Then, I can start on the second "Plymouth Zino" sock and finish the comparison that I started several weeks ago. I am convinced...without a doubt...that both yarn companies received their yarn from the same mill in Italy. Not only is it from the same mill, but it also appears to be the EXACT same yarn! Thank goodness I started each pair of socks at a slightly different spot in the skein...else I would be making two identical pairs!

On the spinning front, I just started spinning some mohair - I believe it's 100% mohair. It's in the "Water" colorway and is from " ". It a very nice teal green with some blue undertones - it's much more green than it appears in the photo. I plan to make this a two-ply yarn...and it will most likely be a worsted weight yarn as the yarn will definitely "bloom". I'm not sure what this will "grow into", but I have nearly 1 1/2 lbs, so it can be made into just about anything.


  • At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That's witch hazel, Jinann.

    Cheers, Karen

  • At 10:52 AM, Blogger Jinann said…

    Thanks! I was really wondering what it was. It sure smelled wonderful - so fragrant! I'm definitely not a horticulturist...LOL!


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