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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Still More Spinning!

I finished spinning two more skeins this week. The first one was 4 oz. of Alpaca/Tussah silk from the Central Virginia Fiber Mill. Once the roving was spun up and plied, I had a 3.6 oz. skein in very subtle colors of pink, green, and blue. The colors are more visible in the roving than in the finished skein. I have a small amount of singles left over. I've started a stash of my various singles and plan to incorporate them all into a "sampler" of sorts - perhaps a shawl using all the odds and ends of my hand spun skeins.

The pure silk that I received from my friend Sue became a lovely 1.9 oz. Navajo plied skein of pure soft loveliness. The drape is gorgeous...as are the colors. (The roving was from Dancing Leaf Farm in Maryland.) The finished skein is approximately 154 yds. of a nice worsted weight. I have no idea what it will "grow up to be", but I LOVE the colors! I'm calling this skein, "Wicked" after the Broadway show - it's all in purples and greens.


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