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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Daffodils


No knitting content once again, but I've been busy taking photos of the local flora. I believe that Spring truly is here...hopefully to stay! I even managed to catch a cardinal too! (Be sure to double click on the photos for a closer look.)

The daffodils have slowly made their way to full bloom....FINALLY!

And various other flowers and trees have burst forth in their Spring glory! I LOVE this time of year! Everything is beautiful and fresh - and the smell in the air is fabulous!

Some flowers even "volunteered" in the middle of the lawn - most likely from "avian fertilizers"...LOL!

There's a "natural red carpet" in my neighborhood as well. Part of the path had been re-paved last year...and it's in the exact spot where one of the trees sheds it's buds...thereby creating "Mother Nature's Red Carpet".

Even the bulbs I planted have started to come up and will soon bloom! This is the first time that I've successfully planted bulbs, so it's very exciting to see them actually sprout.

And of course, I had to plant some purple petunias in my planters!


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