Have Ewe Any Wool?

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Knitting Progress

Thank goodness I signed up for Nerd Wars earlier this year! It's been the push I've needed to get a couple of UFO's closer to the finish. I've committed to finishing the two UFOs during the month of March. I selected my Zino socks and my hedgehog mittens to finish.

I'd knitted up the first Zino sock a while back...and finihsed one of the Hedgehog mittens in February. It seems I was suffering from both "Second sock syndrome" as well as "Second mitten syndrome"! Here's the where I started about a week ago when I started working on them again.

I've completed most of the knitting on "The Seville Jacket" from Oat Couture - all the main pieces are complete. I've just started on the cabled edging - it will be VERY long as it has to edge the entire jacket from the neck, down the front, around the back, and finally back up the front to meet at the neck. Ugh! I DREAD sewing it all on! That's going to take forever!


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