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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finished....At Last!!!!

FINALLY....I have some completed projects.

First off, I completed a couple of dish cloths. I tried two patterns that were new to me: "Knitted Lacy Round Cloth" by Rhonda K. White and "Fountain Lace". These were a quick knit and earmarked for a swap.

I also finished my Plymouth Zino socks. The Zino is a single ply sock yarn with lovely color changes that morph from color to color rather than making "hard" stripes.

The Zino socks truly do look nearly identical to the Jawoll Magic socks.I've lined up the "color changes" for the two socks for the comparison...the Plymouth Zino socks are on the left and the Jawoll Magic socks are on the right. The only difference is the point that I started the top of the socks, so the striping follows a slightly different pattern. I am now thoroughly convinced that these two yarns came from the same mill in Italy and even the same dye lot! Had I started both pairs of socks at the same point in the yarn ball, I could have had TWO matching pairs!

The cutest thing I've ever done is now complete as well - the Hedge Hog Mitts from the Morehouse knits kit. I just love them!!!! I may re-do the face on the second mitt as it's slightly bigger than the first one. I think I did the decreases faster on the first on. I'll count stitches in each row to figure out where the difference is and go from there. I know....I'm too picky. That's just the engineer in me coming out - I believe that's why the striping in socks that I make have to match as well!


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