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Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Ballet....Theater....and Projects!

Wow! What a fabulous week!

Thursday night, my friend Lisa treated me to dinner and the Ballet at the Kennedy Center - a wonderful early birthday present! The ballet was "Don Quixote" performed by the Ballet Nacional de Cuba in the Kennedy Center Opera House. It was absolutely fabulous! All the performers were wonderful...and the costumes, absolutely exquisite! The principals awed all of us with their gravity defying poses - especially the balance poses while en pointe!

Saturday night, DH and I went to see the musical, "By Jeeves" - an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical performed at the 1st Stage Theatre in Tysons Corner. The play was inspired by P.G. Wodehouse and was wonderful! The casting and music were spot on, and the show was fabulous - definitely a must see - especially if you appreciate the comedic antics of P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster! (It's playing through June 19th.)

On the projects front, I managed to work in some drop spindle spinning while waiting for the play to start, so now I'm even closer to finishing up the second ounce of the Shetland! I just love how it's turning out and can't wait to ply it!

I also got together with a few friends this afternoon for lunch and knitting. Gretchen had some lovely wool and yarns that she was destashing. Needless to say, we were all thrilled with the goodies. I don't think anyone left empty-handed!

I've made great progress on my "Windansea Hat" - I've finished the brim and have started on the "bowl" of the hat now! My only concern at the moment is how to secure the ends of the millinery wire when I get to that point. Tape? Glue? A quick search has revealed that there are "wire joiners" that are typically used to secure the ends of the wire together. Argh....I guess that now I'll need to order some!

And now for a bit of flora and fauna...

My favorite rose bush has FINALLY bloomed! I've taken several photos of it as it started to bloom as well as while it was in full bloom. I just LOVE the coral color! Here's a photo view over a period of 4 days...starting with the opened bud on day 1.

Day 2 - early morning (left) and late afternoon (right). It actually looked prettier in the morning than in the afternoon when the petals started curling giving the rose "Dumbo ears". (I plucked the errant petals later that evening.) The afternoon sun shining on the rose made the coral color look very orange...almost a glowing orange!

Day 3 - Subtle changes between the early morning (left) and noon (right)

Evening day 3 (left) - the rose really looks fabulous! Evening day 4 (right), the rose is fully opened...and sadly, will soon be but a memory.

My neighbor's day lilies were in bloom as well - I just LOVE these flowers! Their so beautiful! Hmmm.....perhaps I need to plant some of these so I can enjoy them in my yard as well.

And...on the dog walk this evening, I FINALLY got a photo of the gorgeous deer that I see every time I DON'T have my camera with me!

Of course, I also have to include a photo of the bunny I saw both at the start of the walk, and then again on my way back. These rabbits are so used to seeing dogs and people that they don't immediately hop away - it's quite strange. You have to be nearly on top of them before they'll hop away!


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