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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fly Ball!


I've never been to a "Fly Ball" tournament....until this weekend. My step-daughter had a tournament this weekend in Manassas, so I got to see one first hand. The heat and humidity began to creep in, but thankfully, the weather wasn't too bad.

It seems like a lot of fun for the dogs - and great exercise too! They jump over 4 hurdles, jump on the board at the end of the run to launch the ball into their mouth, and then run back to their starting point. Then, the next dog on the team repeats that process until all 4 team members have completed the course.

It was VERY loud! Barking, excited dogs were everywhere!!! It's a bit hard to see what's going on in these videos, but you get the general idea.

Ginger (Blair's dog), was an absolute hoot! She really seemed to enjoy the races...even when she'd decide to do her "own thing" rather than run the circuit.

After each set of races, most of the dogs would "cool off" with a dip in the pool....or chase after the spray from the hose. Not Ginger. She'd walk over to the pool....take a quick look and then scamper off to lie under a nearby car or camper.

There was lots of down time between races, so we had lots of time to sit around and chat. It was a bit warm, but not too bad. Of course, I brought my drop spindle with me, so I spent most of my free time spinning away. I managed to spin about half of the ounce of wool that I'd brought with me! Just a bit more to spin, and then I can ply it with my other ounce! Wahoo!!!!


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