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Sunday, June 12, 2011

WLAST - with the Blue Ridge Spinners and Weavers


I participated in the Western Loudoun Artist Studio Tour as a cashier for my guild. It was a lot of fun! I spent most of the day ogling all the incredible creations from our guild members, chatted with the visitors, and got a lot of spinning done!

I'm just amazed at all the talent that lies in the group! Check out all these lovely items!

Of special note is the coverlet - a group project. There were 12 weavers involved with creating the squares. (Double click on the photo on the left to view the detailed write-up.) The squares that comprise this coverlet are beautiful - back and front. Chantal, a weaver and awesome seamstress, was tasked with putting the coverlet together. She did and incredible job and constructed it in such a manner that each square was visible from both the front and the back!

I mentioned Chantal was a weaver...she's made incredible rugs from frame looms. Aren't the looms (below) fascinating? I think the rug (right) is gorgeous!!!

Check out this rug....created from I-Cord produced with this "I-Cord Machine".

Here's another member demonstrating the art of Locker hooking. Check out these squares - produced using fabric strips and "locker hooked" in place. I find this technique fascinating!

I managed to capture "locker hooking in action" in the video below...

Dail, the owner of some incredible Alpacas that produce fabulous yarn was demonstrating the dyeing process.

Her dyeing "set-up" is shown below on the left. The end results are shown below on the right.

Of course, I managed to catch and action shot of Dail as well. However, the file is too large for this site, so I uploaded it to Flickr. It's viewable here: Dail's Dyeing Demo.

Ibbie spent the afternoon demonstrating weaving. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get an action shot of the weaving process, so the still will have to suffice.

As always, I left feeling inspired...and ready to start some weaving and dyeing of my own!


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