Have Ewe Any Wool?

Monday, September 05, 2011


What fun! I've tried a new craft - and I love it! I decided to try a class at "Angela's Happy Stamper". My friend good friend Paula and I took the class together. It was a lot of fun and I love what I was able to create! I see some hand crafted cards in my future!

I learned so much! The instructor was wonderful - very knowledgeable and patient....and a fabulous teacher. She even prepped everything for us! Each card had it's basic components ready for use in its own envelope. All I had to do was paint them using the techniques taught to us in class, embellish them, and put them together. There was only one item that I had to trim by hand...everything else was pre-cut.

I found the various techniques fascinating and definitely see some more classes in my future!

This was my favorite. We painted on a shiny surface in one color....and then took little finger stamps and made red and orange circles all over it and finally stuck it behind the die cut tree to emulate the leaves. I just LOVE the effect!

Of course, every new craft introduces the "need" for new supplies...but it's definitely worth it. And besides, spending a bit keeps the economy going, right?


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