Have Ewe Any Wool?

Friday, September 09, 2011


This month's Goose Creek Ruggers meeting was canceled because of the unrelenting rain, washed out roads and bridges, and widespread flash floods. We had over 6 inches of rain in about 24 hrs.! The drainage ditch behind my house covered the entire walking path and was about 3 feet up into my yard. (The blurry view is through an upstairs window).

This video shows the rain and the speed of the "stream" behind my house. It was unbelievable!

There was a brief respite from the rain in the early evening. The rain stopped for a short while and the stream behind my house receded...revealing the edge of my yard and the walking path once again. The sun even attempted to come out...and there was a small window of blue sky!!! I was amazed at how quickly the water rose and receded! These photos were taken just an hour after the video!

Enough about rain and floods...and back to Hooking. Since there was no hooking meeting this month, I dedicated Friday evening to working on my rug hooking project. I finished the hill where the sheep is standing - wahoo!!!

I am learning a lot in the process of completing my first project. My most significant "lesson learned" is that I am REALLY bad at cutting the strips....and if they're not cut straight, they'll shred and become ugly threads instead of strips of fabric. I've had several "shredded strips" that ended up being just threads by the time I pulled them through the canvas. The result - my hill is a bit messy....with lots of little strings and threads.

The other thing I noticed is that part of my hill is too "linear" - there are a few rows of straight lines of stitches across the top and bottom of the mountain. These would have looked a bit better if the directions had been varied and blended with the rows above and below rather than straight across...to create a rolling terrain rather than the flat one I have. Ah, well. This is my "learning piece". I'll look back at it fondly at some future date...chuckling at my inexperience...and hopefully being amazed at how much I've progressed since then.


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