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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Spinning the Day Away...

What a glorious day! The weather was absolutely beautiful...perfect for spinning outdoors!

I drove down to Culpeper to meet up with my friend, Elizabeth, and we headed down to Charlottesville to join a spinning group. On the way, we stopped at the Lime Leaf restaurant for some yummy Thai food.

The spinning group meets at the local fire station. The fire fighters were out on a call when we arrived, so we "hung out" on the patio. The weather was so fabulous that we all decided to just stay out there...even after the fire fighters returned.

There was a lot of spinning going on and we had a great time - as shown in all our smiling faces! The wheels ranged from antiques to modern with many types and styles between. I'm always amazed at the sheer variety of wheels that you see in any group.

One of the members of the group just started making her own drop spindles. She's a wood worker and does fabulous work. Each one she crafts incorporates what she's learned from the previous....making each better than it's predecessor. I expect to see her selling her wares in the not to distant future!

Be sure to click on the photo on the right for a closer look at her 3 drop spindles.

One of the spinners brought her daughter...a blossoming new spinner. She seemed quite at home with all us "oldsters" and had a great time spinning the bright colors. Needless to say, mom didn't get much spinning in!

It was a wonderful way to spend a fall afternoon, but seemed too short! We met for nearly 4 hours, but it felt like just a few minutes. I just wish Charlottesville wasn't so far away!!!


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