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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Spinning Challenge Progress and Fabric Post Cards

I finally have finished spinning the 1 lb. of Merino wool that's part of our spinning challenge for the Blue Ridge Spinners and Weavers spinning group. My yarn is done.....all I have to do now is figure out a design for my bag....and how I want to work with the different colors! I'm not sure if I want to do something patterned with colors or incorporate the colors using mitered squares. I've been busily checking out patterns...but so far, nothing has intrigued me very much.

I've also been exploring some other crafts. My friend Hazel runs a group on Ravely where we try out different crafts every month or so. In some cases, we "swap" jour creations with each other. This month, we made "Fabric Post Cards" - intended for swapping with a partner. I stitched mine by hand. In the middle, you put Timtex as a stiffener and stamp the "post card" label on the reverse side of the post card. I quilted my card and embellished it with a bit of embroidery. The card I created was a rather simple beginner card. It was fun to make and I learned a lot.

I received an absolutely adorable card from my swap partner in return (photo on right). (Edited to add card that was received to this post, rather than when it was received.) I've got lots of ideas for future "post cards" after receiving this one and seeing all the other very creative cards made by others in the group. I also found a fabulous website with lots of ideas for making fabric post cards: How to make fabric post cards.

Today, I volunteered for a couple of hours at the HandWeaver's Guild of America's booth at the Sewing and Quilt show (an annual show held in Chantilly, VA). I spent most of my time demo'ing drop spindle spinning and taught 2 people how to do it! The teen that I taught was so excited about mastering this, that I fully expect her to show up next year telling me about how she loved it so much that she's purchased a spinning wheel!

I picked up some great fabric for making more fabric post cards as well as some notions that will be great for both knitting and rug hooking. I also managed to grab a couple of very interesting books on quilting from the bargain bins at Vogue Fabrics.

In all the fun, I totally forgot that this was the same weekend as the Mount Pelier Fall Fiber Festival!!!!! Oh, well. There's always the NY Sheep and Wool Festival! (As if I need any more yarn/fiber!)


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