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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas at the Norwegian Embassy

What a fabulous evening! The Norwegian ambassador extended an invitation to his residence to me and several others from our Sons of Norway lodge to join him to celebrate a "Norwegian Christmas".

The weather cooperated - the air was crisp and cold, but no rain or snow. There had been a cold snap just prior to the evening, so it truly felt like winter and Christmas. We were greeted by carolers and served warm Glogg (spiced wine)...which we were encouraged to drink the Norwegian way - sipping it from our spoon. Then it was up the winding staircase to the residence.

The tree upstairs was just as lovely as the one in the entryway...and made the perfect backdrop for a photo op.

I loved all the decorations! They were all so pretty and festive - it really felt like Christmas!

The buffet was fabulous - lots of awesome foods! There were 3 kinds of pickled herring as well as smoked salmon and pork roast. All was accompanied by homemade caraway bread. Everything was absolutely delicious.

There was a meat roll and a wonderful pate topped with bacon and surrounded by cubed beets. Mmmmm!!!!

As you can see, we "had a hard time" finding foods that we liked - LOL! (I love it all!!!)

The desserts were fabulous as well...cloudberries in cream and a variety of tasty cheeses...

Some rice cream with an optional berry sauce...and some delicious ginger cookies and chocolate marzipan.

Many thanks to our wonderful host, Wegger Chr. Strommen...the Norwegian Ambassador, for a wonderful evening and the perfect kick-off to the holiday season.


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