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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wine Country

What a fabulous weekend! DH's cousin got married at a lovely winery, the King Family Vineyards, on Friday the 13th. It was a beautiful wedding in a beautiful location just outside of Charlotteville, VA in the town of Crozet. The bride was beautiful, the groom handsome, and both the wine and the food were delicious! (Of course, I had to purchase some King Family Merlot and some Meritage to take home!)

Saturday, we toured three different wineries - all three were in lovely locations. This area is so picturesque - and all the wineries are right in the middle of it with fabulous mountain views!

White Hall Vineyards

There were several interesting wines at this winery...and they've several awards for many of them! We tasted several wines, but my favorites were the reds - particularly the 2009 Petit Verdot and the 2009 Touriga.

Afton Mountain Vineyards

Here, we not only had a fabulous tasting, but they also had a heated pavillion where we sat eating crackers and cheese and sipped on some wine while taking in the wonderful view! Once again, I preferred the reds - specifically the Cabernet Franc, Fiesta Di Bacco, and Cabernet Sauvignon...all of which came home with me.

Veritas Vineyard and Winery

This vineyard was the final stop on the vineyard tour - also in Afton. Again, the setting was beautiful! We tasted more wines here than at the other stops, but I found them all to be a bit too sweet for me. We did not get to try their Merlot.....perhaps if we had, some wine would have found its way home with me.

DH is not fond of wine, but he was sweet enough to indulge me all afternoon. To "cleanse his palate", we stopped at the Blue Mountain Brewery on our way back to the hotel. I tried the "Santa Chocolate Bock" - it was the most chocolately tasting beer I have ever had! It even smelled like chocolate! It was interesting and would be a great "once in a while" beer...perhaps when I'm having a chocolate craving???

Saturday morning, we ate breakfast at a fabulous little restaurant in Charlottesville - The Nook. The food was fabulous! I had the crab cakes benedict....mmmm! DH had the corned beef hash omelet. Definitely a restaurant we'd try again! I highly recommend it - the wait staff was very friendly and efficient - constantly checking water, coffee, and tea levels and offering frequent refills and the food was delicious!

Cafe Cubano was our restaurant stop on Sunday morning (The Nook didn't open until 9 on Sunday, and we wanted to get an early start.) Though not a full service restaurant, it was also noteworthy and definitely a place I'd recommend! You order at the counter and self-serve your delicious organic coffee. The staff delivers the made to order food to your table. They served large portions of tasty food - breakfast with a Spanish flair. I had their featured omelet with chorizo, peppers, and onions. Their bread (sunflower seed bread) and potatoes (seasoned with rosemary) were the perfect accompaniments for the omelet. There's so much more than what's shown in their on line menu!

Before visiting the wineries on Saturday, I had to get my "fiber fix". I checked out a local yarn shop, The Needle Lady. It's a wonderful shop full of great yarns and patterns. They have all varieties of yarn...from the relatively inexpensive through designer yarns. I managed to score some Habu yarns - including the yarn that has some stainless steel!

The weekend was not all celebration, eating and drinking. We did have some down time where I spun for a while at the hotel before the wedding as well as on Saturday evening and early Sunday morning. I'm spinning some lovely pink, purple, and white Merino that I got at the Lancaster Spinner's and Weaver's retreat last August. I'm loving how it's spinning up! I only have about 77 grams of this color, so it shouldn't take too long to finish spinning it. After that, I need to find the perfect project for it!

On the way to and from Charlottesville, I worked on another of the mesh scarves and had it completed by the time we got back home! (It's great to be a passenger when you have some knitting to entertain you!!!) I haven't tucked in the ends, so "finished object" photos yet!


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