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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Goose Creek Ruggers Annual Hook-In

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor icy freezing rain can keep the Hookers away from the Goose Creek Ruggers Annual Hook-In! We even had cake!!!!

In spite of some rather rough weather overnight, the Hook-In went on as scheduled. It was fabulous! Lots of hookers everywhere! There were a number of vendors selling everything from wool to baskets and scissor fobs. (Of course, I visited each one - and purchased from all 6 vendors!)

(You can even see a bit of my lowly project in the forefront of the photo on the bottom right above - the tree is nearly done!)

Our guild displayed the challenge rugs that are completed and in-progress from a class last year. It's just amazing how everyone's colors make the same design look totally different! I love the purple one!

We also held a competition where we all voted on our favorite rugs. There were so many gorgeous rugs that it was very difficult to decide on which one to vote for. This amazing stool took first place.

All of them were absolutely gorgeous! These definitely give me something to aspire to! I love the variety of Santas in the first photo below - very old world. And check out the realistic birch tree and the sheep in the photo on the right (below). Be sure to click on the photo for a closer look - the birch tree is VERY realistic!

The art deco looking rug in the photo on the left depicts the front door of the mother-in-law of one of our members. It's quite striking!

And even more inspirations...

I absolutely love the rug - so full of purple lusciousness! It's quite large. Based on how long it's taken me to work on my small project, I'd guess that something this large would take me years! I can just imagine it lying in the entryway of a charming home like the one in the rug on the right. Gorgeous....just gorgeous!


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