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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spinning, the Norway Store, and Sunsets

Of course, I managed to get a bit of spinning in as well.   I had some lovely alpaca that I'd purchased at the Lancaster Spinners and Weavers Retreat in January that I couldn't wait to spin.  It was absolutely gorgeous...and spun like a dream!   Of course, I have no idea what I'll make with it, but it's ready to go whenever I figure that out!!!

Of course, whenever I go to Illinois, I HAVE to go the the Norway Store.  It's the home of the first permanent Norwegian settlement.    They have a Norwegian Smorgasbord the first Wednesday of the month....lots of cod, meatballs, lefse, and other goodies.  I love the rooftop architecture - the Viking ship and the Viking ship weather vane.


I also love the unique way the store labels the  "Necessary" rooms...

....the warning to parents about unattended children.....and finally, the Viking standing guard over the wine and liquor section of the store. 


I also got to see some spectacular sunsets - and even managed to capture a few shots.    It's amazing what you can see when the land is sooooo flat! I did a series of photos of the sun going down.  I was shocked at how fast the fiery orb slips down past the horizon!  These two photos were my favorites....two different sunsets - one at the end of Feb (left), and one in mid  March(right).   (Some days, the sunset was a bit "lack luster" - you really need the clouds for reflecting the light and generating the magnificent colors!)


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