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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival – Day 1

Wahoo!   It's time for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! Once again, I worked at the fleece sales booth for the festival.   I still had plenty of time to shop for lots of awesome goodies - including yarn, fleeces, wool, you name it!!!   Of course, I went to the festival both days...after all, you HAVE to go on Saturday just in case you "need" something that's in short supply.   On Sunday, I always watch the Fleece to Shawl competition and root for my friends....as well as all the other competitors!

jerry_and_wool_junction My friend, Jerry, an avid rug hooker and the owner of Wool Junction was a vendor at the festival for the first time.   Wahoo!!!!   Congratulations!   Her wools are fabulous – she does a fabulous job dyeing them in unique patterns and colors that look incredible in rugs. 


There were many incredible fashions – both worn and on display.   Who says the Brits have all the “hat fun”?    I just love the knitted “Fascinators” these two girls were wearing.


Nora Bellows of “Noni Designs” was also a vendor this year.   She graciously autographed her new book for me, “Noni Flowers”.   I just love all her designs.   This cardigan…one of her newer designs,  is absolutely incredible!   Her sister makes the hardware for the clasps, etc – what a perfect match!

One of the highlights of the day was seeing some little lambs that were barely 7 hrs. old.   My friend Lisa discovered them earlier in the morning.   Evidently, the farmer was told he had “unregistered livestock”…LOL.   Of course he did!   The ewe wasn’t supposed to lamb for another week and a half or so!   I guess the excitement of the festival was just too much for mama! 


The lambs were so cute…and so unstable on their feet!   They are so uncoordinated – check out the little one in this video:

Thankfully, I made it to their pen before they headed home.   Mama and the babies definitely needed their rest, far from the crowd of onlookers! 
Another favorite part of the festival is the “Skein and Garment Competition”.   I’m always amazed at the fabulous creations that I find there.
Check out this adorable sheep – it’s so incredibly lifelike! And I loved this hooked sheep rug.   It’s too beautiful to walk on – definitely a piece to hang on the wall!


The shawls and blankets were incredible!



skein_and_garment_woven_poncho skein_and_garment_woven_shawl The woven projects were fabulous too!  So many inspirations!

And then there was the “wall art” – I love both of these.  I love the lines in the one on the left – very decorative.   However, I’m very drawn to the tapestry of the bear that was crafted by my friend, Cindy.   I watched this piece go from concept and rough draft to finished project over a period of time.   It was fabulous to witness!
skein_and_garment_wall_art skein_and_garment_tapestry


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