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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Spinning at the Mannings

It’s hard to believe that a full year has passed and it’s time once again for the annual “Spinning Seminar” at the Mannings in East Berlin, PA!   What a fabulous day it was – the weather was absolutely perfect.   It was warm (not hot!) AND there was relatively low humidity.   There was also a gentle breeze blowing across the yard.    (When I arrived back home in VA, I definitely figured out where the humidity had gone – it was AWFUL!!!!    I just about turned around and headed back north!)



There were sheep shearing demos – check out the before and afters of some of Roclans’ sheep!   They look so naked after they’ve been sheered!












I saw some awesome spinning wheels – like this Journey Wheel (left).   What a sweet and compact wheel!    And check out the spinning wheel on the right – it has TWO wheels!!



I started spinning what I’m calling my “ice cream roving”.  It’s pink, brown, and white….just like Neopolitan Ice Cream!   Mmmmmm!

mannings_1     mannings_4








This woman made spinning cotton on a Lendrum look so easy, that I purchased a pound of cotton with the intention of spinning and then weaving it into a blouse…like the one she’s wearing.   

I learned that the natural colored cotton she’s spinning and wearing gradually fades throughout the day…but once it’s washed, the color becomes more prominent again. 



  mannings_13In addition to the wide variety of spinning wheels, one of the demos showed off a very primitive type of loom using various interesting items as the weights for the warp.   It was fascinating!!!



The fabric woven isn’t very dense – it produces a very light open weave. 





These weights look like  doughnuts!   How wild is that!?!?




The weight on the right are actually some little bags full of aquarium gravel.   What a creative way to recycle!!!










mannings_17There was also a Nuno felting demo.   I just love this process!  Using silk, you artfully lay some fibers on top  and using just some water, soap, and friction, you force the fibers through the silk to produce a very warm, colorful, and lightweight scarf.

There was a felting demo as well.   My favorite part of that was the line of felted skulls….LOVE IT!!!











There was even a group there demonstrating the art of “Sprang”.  I became fascinated by this craft a few years ago…it seems to have had a recent resurgence in popularity.   There’s even a Yahoo Sprang group!




As always, there’s an enormous variety of looms and wheels for sale within the shop at the Mannings.  

  mannings_20 mannings_21 

As always, I took to way too many photos!   So, I’ve added this photo album that’s featuring a few of them that I didn’t have room to include in the main post!

The final photos are of this absolutely fascinating TeePee – it’s crafted out of knitted and crocheted pieces.   What a remarkable piece of art!

mannings_42 mannings_43









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