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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Nature’s Beauty

bird_in_rafters_of_deckThe best thing about Spring is the variety of local flora and fauna.....I just love it!   This "mama bird" is nesting below our deck.    Everytime I go out the back door, she "chastises" me for disturbing her!!! 




This little guy was nestled in the brush next to the path…watching carefully for “intruders”.   He didn’t even flinch as my dog and I walked by.





One of my favorite flowers is the Calla Lily.  I love its simple elegance!    (Evidently the little bee is fond of this flower as well!)



I almost missed capturing a photo of the dogwood blossoms!   It was a bit too close to the end of the “blooming season”!  Of course, there’s always lots of lovely Stargazers – another favorite flower.  Hmmmm….seems like I have an over abundance of favorites!

dogwood stargazzers

turtle_1About half way through my walk, I discovered this rather slow moving fellow.   He too was taking advantage of the warm path and was taking a stroll.    Amazingly, he had totally disappeared when returned to that same location just a few minutes later. 



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