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Monday, July 16, 2012


IMG_3787DH and I took a little weekend trip to Shepherdstown …I was thrilled to be back!   (I was here about 3 weeks ago, but there’s so much to see and do here that it really takes about 2 weekends to check out all the shops.  I had to leave my anniversary flowers at home, but they’ll still be fresh when I return!


Of course, we stayed at the Bavarian Inn – fabulous food and wonderful lodging.   The Chalets have a lovely view of the water…and on the other side, Maryland.  I even managed to get some spinning in…and can use my yarn to “show off the view”.   Here’s the deck…and a view from the deck…








Now, just the view – isn’t it gorgeous!  









yarn_with_applesFinally, the yarn.   This color is a little brighter than the true color…whereas the natural light views seem to mute the color more.   The true color is someplace in between – bluish-with-a-hint-of-purple. 




One of my favorite places is the “Lost Dog Cafe” – they have fabulous coffee…imaginative coffee and tea based drinks…and comfortable and eclectic decor.   This was my favorite chair.   Love the skull and cross bones!




No trip to Shepherds-town is complete without breakfast at Betty’s.   It’s always packed and provides a good homemade breakfast at a reasonable price.   The portions can be outrageously large.  I had their special…pecan pancakes.  It consisted of two huge pancakes that totally covered my plate!   I could only manage to eat about half!   (They were absolutely delicious too!!!)









I shopped at several wonderful shops!   They’re all fabulous in their own way.  ALL the proprietors/proprietresses were helpful, knowledgeable, and most of all friendly.  I had a FABULOUS time!  These are the main ones I shopped at…

  • Sky’s the Limit – found some fabulous moose earrings
  • DIckinson & Wait Craft Gallery – Compiled a great selection of hand crafted greeting cards, earrings, wooden boxes, soaps, and hand knitted items.  (Got a great start on my Christmas shopping!)
  • German Street Coffee & Candlery – need I say more?  (They also have great giftware, kitchenware, wine,candles, table linens, and towels.
  • On the Wings of Dreams– All sorts of hand crafted goodies – I went a bit wild here!
  • D’Accord Boutique– a fabulous and interesting array of goodies…from spices, to kitchen ware, to toys.   Yes…another place I went wild and got a good start on my Christmas shopping!
  • Don’t remember the name – it’s near D’Accord…or at least on the same side of the street  – Interesting rustic wooden items and baskets – managed to get a few interesting pieces.

artist_2Aartist_1s a bonus at On the Wings of Dreams, one of the local artists was being featured that day!   I had a lovely chat with her and purchased several of her “goodies” – she even signed some of them for me.  The  artist is Erin Ewer - More info about Erin (Sorry…no pics of the goodies I purchased….don’t want to give Christmas “sneak peaks”!)


  • At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Erin Ewer said…

    Hi its Erin from On The Wings of Dreams! Laura showed me your post, would you send me a copy of the photos at contact@liquidfae.com? I'd love to share them! I would also appreciate if you listed my website url (www.liquidfae.com) in reference to the photos, so people know where they can find me :) Thanks!


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